Who Are We

Corporate Legal Office

The Romoli Law Firm was founded in the early 2000s by the lawyer, Marco Romoli. It expanded and strengthened in a few years thanks to the international dimension and the opportunity to work alongside important national and international companies.

From the beginning, the Law Firm, which is characterized by its own MR LEGAL logo, has collaborated with professionals specialized in various branches of law, distinguishing itself for its dedication and specific expertise in various legal sectors.

A passion for the law in its various branches and in particular the corporate company, contracts and an international vision have made Romoli Law Firm  a necessary assistant for all those companies that look towards growth opportunities and developing  their business in national and international markets.

In this context, the Firm created various legal offices, internal and external for the assisted companies, forming an ad hoc sector or “corporate legal area” dedicated to internal consultancy and the solution of daily problems, from contractual analysis, management of contracts in the English language, until debt collection.

In addition, the Firm, thanks to the presence of various professionals operating in their specific areas of competence, offers advice and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in the field of civil, criminal, family, administrative and bankruptcy law, to private and non-private individuals, providing them with a complete and coordinated assistance, also from a multidisciplinary perspective.

MR LEGAL has two Italian offices, in Rome and Frascati and various foreign offices, in London, New York, Malta, Murcia (ESP) and Dubai (UAE).


Our philosophy

Transparency and sharing with the customer, both the strategy and the work done, distinguish our operating approach and the philosophy of the work team.

Our principles

Our work is a serious passion at the service of clients. As Calamandrei said: “Lawyers are neither circus jugglers, nor parlour lecturers: Justice is a serious matter.”

The key to success

Continuous training, updating, innovation, paying particular attention to detail and total availability for the customer, are the keys to achieving ever better results.


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