Corporate Legal Office

Corporate Legal Office

For years, MR LEGAL has focused on a particularly advantageous offer of legal advice, because it is aimed at preventing the risk of litigation.

Legal Outsourcing (the Legal Office in Outsourcing or Outsourced) is the new tool available to companies of any size, that allows to contain costs compared to the normal professional relationship.

Outsourcing means outsourcing, therefore it is an outsourcing of the Corporate Legal Office especially for those companies, (small or large) which , for organizational needs, cannot maintain a fixed structure within them.

Likewise, various companies have their own internal Legal Department, providing for the presence of our professional team in the company, for one or several days a week or a month, in order to manage, directly from within the company, the various legal and para- Legal matters.

An internal Legal Department is often requested by more structured companies and it is for this reason that the MR LEGAL Firm has focused on the innovative tool of the Legal Department in Outsourcing, offering a suitable solution for the company to maximize its objectives, whilst reducing costs.

The MR LEGAL Studio therefore studies, together with the entrepreneur, the business strategy that allows it to achieve the strategic results imposed by the market, guaranteeing continuous professional support.


Our determination and tenacity are effective weapons made available to customers.

These constitute an additional hallmark of our professional team, in addition to our operational approach based on

  • Transparency
  • Sharing
  • Strategy

We train, update and innovate for a qualitatively high result.

We work with passion to serve customers

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